real food academy cafe

How We Got Here

No undertaking of this size is without a history, a dream, a goal, and more than a little sweat and tears. We are no exception.

The Real Food Academy was founded in 2008 and is the brainchild of Chef Maria Cummins. She began by offering after-school programs at a local Montessori school. Soon, she added birthday parties, fields trips for schools, and in early 2009, brought a website online to help her reach more people. .

The growth of the Academy has been steady, adding new types of classes, expanding to the adult sector, and offering business and team building parties. Soon, their small space wasn't able to handle the steady and ever-growing size of the parties and classes.

In late 2016, they signed a lease on a new building that would effectively quadruple their space. Construction began to make the space uniquely theirs. Sadly, they encountered many issues, and had to revise plans a number of times (hence, the tears).

However, perseverance and patience finally paid off in January 2018 when the new space was ready and classes were moved to the larger space.

Now, Maria and Arthur could focus on one of Maria's long held dreams... a café that offered the same type of "real food" Maria was becoming known for.

You are seeing the result of that dream.